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According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), a typical six-room home may have up to 40 pounds of dust created annually through everyday living. That’s a lot of dust! To make matters worse, your heating and cooling system takes in this dust through the air ducts and spreads it throughout your home or office.

The experts at American Carpet Care, inc., say that air duct cleaning offers the following benefits:

  • Less house cleaning, especially dusting. Dust that builds up in home or office air ducts is blown out into the living spaces and leads to dustier surfaces, thus more cleaning needed.
  • Better indoor air quality.  Dirty air ducts can irritate asthma and allergy symptoms for sufferers of these conditions, which increases chances of being sick.
  • Energy and money savings. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that a buildup of only .042 inches of dust in ductwork can decrease heating and cooling efficiency by more than 20 percent. Clean ducts can save energy and cut your utility bills.


Did you know that the average furnace filter is only 10% effective in removing airborne irritants?

Air ducts collect an unhealthy amount of lint, dirt, dust, pollen, moisture and other debris which provide an ideal setting for bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, dust mites and insects to thrive. Without proper duct cleaning, dust bacteria and germs are constantly circulating throughout your system.

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Our professional technicians and air duct cleaning process provide an effective method to remove contaminants from every part of your air duct system. Having your air ducts cleaned every 1-2 yrs will help prolong the life of your heating and air system because dust and dirt are the leading cause of breakdowns.  Dirt, dust and mold in the air ducts, coils and fans reduces circulation, which causes your heating & air system to run longer in order to heat or cool your home/office at a comfortable level.

If you prefer indoor air quality, fewer breakdowns, less maintenance and lower heating and cooling costs, contact American Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning at (817) 244-6055 for a free estimate!  We will provide quality service to your at your home or business.   For your health, peace of mind, call us today!

Protect your environment and comfort through preventive maintenance and call American Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of Fort Worth, TX.

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